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Prof's Sociology Research To Be Published In Journal

(NSU NEWSROOM--July 17, 2014)--A Norfolk State University professor’s examination about the absence of stories and research in educational textbooks will be published in a social sciences journal later this year.

Dr. James Curiel, an assistant professor of sociology, said he believes the absence of facts in textbooks and educational materials--that would help provide a holistic view in several educational disciplines--promotes Euro-centric views.

Curiel’s research, titled, “Classically Illogical and Currently Illegal: Social Sciences and Humanities Courses under HB-2281,” is expected to be released by the Journal of Behavioral & Social Sciences Volume III later this year.

The professor, who has been at the University for two years, said his research centers around House Bill 2281 in Arizona that, in part, makes it illegal for public schools in the state to educate students about curriculum that promotes resentment toward a race or class of people or advocates ethnic solidarity. He co-authored the journal entry with Mike McMullen, a professor at the University of Houston.

The danger of this type of education, Curiel says, is that it stymies a new generation of learners who are not being taught how to think critically and have a distorted view of norms and mores in American Society.

“I want my students and others to figure out what makes them feel bad and not to believe it anymore,” Curiel said. “Disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, history, and sociology have been based on scientific legitimization and the supposed logic of Europeans.”

We are going after these theories,” he said.

The professors challenge the works of more than 20 European writers from the 19th Century such as Adam Smith and Emile Durkheim. The writers all authored books that focused on social theories. Some of the theories and themes include statements or writings that suggest that certain groups of people have the inability to concentrate precludes intellectual development, are indolent and lazy, and are incapable of generosity.

Curiel said he used scientific theory evaluation criteria established by Albert Einstein and Karl Popper and found 38 root contradictions that state the theories of division of labor and the sociocultural evolution. He says he believes the findings make the Arizona law unconstitutional.

Curiel said his research has taken more than 20 years to complete. The professor reviewed more than 100 textbooks used in Arizona educational curriculum. The professor said he knows some educators in academia may find his research controversial, but the result leaves great consequences if not addressed.

Dr. Robert Perkins, chair of the NSU Sociology Department, said he is pleased that Curiel’s research is being published. He said it is important for students at NSU to learn different perspectives.


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