NSU Research: From Inquiry to Innovation and Education
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Centers of Excellence

Norfolk State University is at the forefront of discovery and innovation! The research that we are conducting on our campus has enormous potential to transform our quality of life and improve the stewardship of our planet. These innovations and advancements in science and technology complement our dedication to producing leaders for America's global market.

Center for Materials Research

The Center for Materials Research (CMR) conducts cutting edge research in well-equipped facilities in areas of crystal growth and nanotechnology, polymer processing , thin film deposition, nonlinear optics and laser design, optical spectroscopy and magnetic resonance. CMR faculty members are energetic researchers dedicated to furthering knowledge in their respective disciplines. They focus on research problems of fundamental and practical importance in photonics and spin electronics, and make substantive efforts to cooperate with other universities, industry, and government laboratories. Learn more

Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity

We have created a collaborative effort with Tennessee State University (TSU), and Old Dominion University (ODU) to establish and operate a Center of Excellence in Cyber Security (COE-CS) with an emphasis in Cyber Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Experimentation (CMSA & E). Cyber modeling and simulation (M & S) offers great benefits in predicting, preparing for, and defending against cyber threats by facilitating the training and assessment of cyber technologies and operations that would be impossible or very difficult to conduct in a real life setting. Learn more

Information Assurance | Research, Education, Development Institute

Despite recent economic downturns in the technology arena, there is a growing demand for well-educated computer professionals in information assurance. Information assurance (IA) is a set of information operations that protect and defend information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, and non-repudiation. In addition, IA incorporates protection, detection, and reaction capabilities which can be used to restore systems in the event of an attack or compromise. Learn more