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There are the four types of policy at Norfolk State University: Board of Visitors Policy, Presidential Policy, Administrative Policy and Interim Policy. BOV Policy #1 (2014) Creating and Maintaining Policies addresses the creation and maintenance of all University policies and establishes expectations for accountability; clear, consistent formatting; institution-wide publication; and periodic review and evaluation. BOV Policy #2 (2014) Classification and Numbering System provides the classification and numbering system for all policies of the University to ensure understandable, consistent messaging and formatting.

Board of Visitors Policy

Board of Visitors Policy (“BOV Policy”): addresses governance of the university and requires a majority approval of the Board of Visitors. BOV Policy may be required by statute or other legislative action. The authority to determine when a policy warrants Board of Visitors level of approval rests with the Board and the President with the advice of University Counsel. - Board of Visitor Policy

Presidential Policy

Presidential Policy: a policy that promulgates the president’s decisions on the operation of the university, Board of Visitors action, changes in law or new administrative issues within the university itself. Presidential policy is issued by the president of the University with the advice of the University Counsel, and expires 90 days after the end of the president’s term in office. Board of Visitors approval is not required. - Presidential Policy

Administrative Policies

Administrative Policies: addresses critical operational matters to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies at the federal, state or local levels. Administrative Policies do not address practices or procedures, and have broad application throughout the University. Administrative policy is subject to the approval of the President, applicable Vice President, or respective designee for policy issuance and major revisions. Board of Visitors approval is not required. - Administrative Policy

Interim Policy

Interim Policy: provisional policy issued by the Board of Visitors or the President to satisfies an emergent need or exigency. An emergent need or exigency is a need or situation arising unexpectedly or calling for prompt action and requiring immediate action or decision. - Interim Policy