Center for Applied Research and Public Policy (CARPP)


The mission of the NSU Center for Applied Research and Public Policy(CARPP) is to provide research and data products use by agencies and groups in the shaping of public policy. CARPP specializes in providing social- demographic and research studies that focus on problems and solutions that impact under-served populations; both within the U.S. and select regions throughout the world.

In keeping with its mission CARRP uses the ecological model in its efforts to provide information and research to under-served populations. For full listings of these focus areas that CARPP has included in its public policy focus, please refer to the CARPP sitemap posted at the top of the home page.

In addition, CARPP has also posted fairdata2000.com as a research associate, as well as several other web based research institutions, the site's are posted on the left margin of this home page.





Dr. Rudolph Wilson, Professor
Dr. Rudolph Wilson

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Politics 2020

The most current views on the 2016 and 2020 elections dynamics.

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Rudy Wilson- PhD. Norfolk State University

Elsie Barnes- PhD. Norfolk State University



Death reports in Liberia as a result of Ebola as  of 10/18/2014. Link
Death reports in Sierra Leone as a result of Ebola as of 11/12/2014. Link

Death reports in Guinea as a result of Ebola as of 11/13/2014. Link

Exploring fear to regain trust: Getting children to health care in Sierra Leone

Intense surveillance in Kambia, Sierra Leone, has revealed around 75% of deaths have been occurring in children under 5. Even though Ebola transmission was halted in Kambia last month, mothers still are afraid of Ebola and don’t take their young children to health centres. Read article