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The mission of the Office of Planning and Budget Office is to effectively lead the development and management of all University budgeting activities; to include:

  • the annual operating budget of the university (both the revenue and expenditure budgets)
  • providing education, training, and guidance to internal constituents regarding all aspects of the budgetary process
  • information and analyses to guide planning, decision-making,policy development and the allocation of financial resources.
  • the financial aspects of the University's Capital Outlay budget
  • frequent planned communication with University constituents to discuss the status of their budgets, as well as, the overall budget of the University


A recent University reorganization has joined the Office of Planning and Budget with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. The joining of the two offices will provide the synergy the University needs to insure effective planning and resource allocation are occurring at NSU. The new unit is headed by the Executive Budget Director and consist of three Senior Budget Analysts; the Assistant Director of Institutional Research; and two Data Researchers.