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Empowering Women to Make Healthy Choices

Project Purpose

The purpose of this initiative is to implement a multi-level, multi-agency health and wellness initiative called A.S.H.E. III: A Comprehensive Health and Wellness Initiative for Women at an HBCU. The health and wellness initiative supports health activities related to three components:

- Overall Women's Health and Wellness Promotion
- HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention
- Ending Violence Against Women

The NSU Health and Wellness Initiative for women is a grant program funded by the Office on Women’s Health

Program Functional Components

Campus-Community Women's Health Taskforce with an HIV/AIDS/STD sub-taskforce and a Violence Against Women sub-taskforce that will help to plan the health activities.

Student Health Ambassadors - trained to facilitate Violence Against Women workshops in dormitories and to create relevant, interactive, and student-centered health and wellness activities throughout the year.

  Activities, Events & Workshops

None at this time

Past Activities

A.S.H.E: HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention program Intervention tool that targets incoming freshmen females living on-campus.

African Dance Workshop Series



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