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  Architectural Drafting Program - Associate in Science Degree

The Architectural Drafting Technology Curriculum is designed to provide students with a technical education that will prepare them to work as semi-professionals immediately upon completion of the program. Graduates may fill such typical positions as architectural draftsman, mechanical draftsman, civil draftsman, technical representative, technical salesperson, or CAD operator.

 First Year

Credit Hours

 BCT 162Materials and Principles of Construction3
 CSC 150Computer Literacy3
 ENG 101Communication Skills I3
 MTH 151College Algebra3
 PED 100Fundamentals of Fitness for Life1
 TMD 150Engineering Graphics3
 UNI 101Introduction to University Life0
 BCT 262Methods of Building Construction I3
 ENG 102Communication Skills II3
 HED 100Personal & Community Health2
 MTH 153College Algebra & Trigonometry3
 TMD 151Introduction to CAD3
 Elective 3

 Second Year  
 Course Credit Hours
 BCT 260Building Codes & Specification3
 BCT 263Fundamentals of Surveying I3
 BCT 265Architectural Details3
 PHY 152General Physics3
 PHY 152LGeneral Physics Lab1
 TMD 251Advanced CAD3
 IMT 205Industrial Safety & Management3
 BCT 264Intermediate Surveying3
 BCT266 Architectural Drafting3
 Social Science Elective: HIS 100, 101, PSY 210, SOC 1013
 TMD225 Mechanics I Statics3
 ENG 299Writing Competency Exam0
 Summary of Graduation Requirement  
 General Education Requirements 22
 Major Requirements 27
 Other Requirements 15